Traffic accident as a passenger

As a passenger or co-driver in a car, motorbike or scooter accident it can be both confusing and frightening – especially if you are injured. You may not know which insurance you are covered by: the other driver’s, your driver’s or possibly your own. If you, as a passenger or co-driver, are injured in an accident, know this: you are entitled to compensation at all times.

In the event of a collision: you will suffer injury in cases where there is another party involved in the collision. In that case you are entitled to compensation as a faultless third party. We can recover the compensation on your behalf from the person who caused the accident.

Unilateral accident: Are you injured because the driver made a mistake? In that case you are also entitled to compensation. After all, you are also a third party who is not guilty in this situation. We will then claim damages on your behalf from the driver’s insurer.

Accident in public transport: Are you injured because the driver made a mistake while using public transport? If so, we will recover all your damage from the transport company.

In some cases there may be some form of personal fault, for example if you are not wearing a helmet as a passenger on a motorbike or scooter, or if you were not wearing your seatbelt in the car. Despite this, you are still entitled to compensation, which can often exceed 50%.

Leave no compensation unclaimed, immediately call in a specialist from Sparta Legal and enjoy complete relief and maximalisation of the compensation you are entitled to.