Traffic accident as a pedestrian

Walking is the most elementary form of transport. At some point in the day most of us will take a walk. While vehicles become safer, people on foot remain just as vulnerable to serious injuries as they are when they are hit by a car or a truck. Unfortunately, pedestrians make up an increasing proportion of the total number of people injured in traffic accidents.

At Sparta Legal, our personal injury specialists help pedestrians injured in traffic accidents caused by vehicle drivers. Our specialists look into the details of the accident and look after your best interests free of charge. We have served thousands of people for free throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Whether your accident as a pedestrian was caused by a drunk driver, a distracted driver, a driver who drove too fast or violated traffic laws in another way, or someone who simply failed to be careful, you can count on our experienced personal injury specialists to do their utmost for your cause. Completely free of charge.