Why we can take care of your case free of charge

“I have been dealing with the other party’s insurer for five years and every time they ignore everything I put forward.” is what one of our clients told us. Despite being upset about the working method of the insurer, this client waited for five years before she made the decision to contact Sparta Legal. When we asked our client why she did not seek professional help sooner, she told us that she was under the impression that if she did not incur extra-judicial costs (legal expenses), the insurer would pay her a higher compensation. This client is one of the many people who have been wrongly led to such an assumption. In order to prevent more people from being caught in this misconception, we have summarised the most common misunderstandings regarding professional assistance in personal injury cases.

1 . You do not have to pay us for our services

From the very first meeting with us at the intake interview until the completion of your case, no costs are charged. If you are found to be in the right and the liability (fault of the other party) is recognised by the insurer, the costs incurred by us will be reimbursed by the insurer. This means that, in principle, we will never charge you for our services. We see that individuals often do not have the necessary knowledge to pursue their rights and thus do themselves injustice. We therefore always recommend that you have your case settled by a professional. It should be noted that not all personal injury law firms are equally skilled and experienced in handling your case.

2. Your claim for compensation is not affected by our services

Like the client mentioned above, many people are under the impression that if they make use of our services, the costs will be deducted from their compensation payment. However, this is incorrect. The costs of legal assistance (also called extrajudicial costs) are reimbursed independently of your compensation claim. This means that your compensation is not affected by the costs of our services. On the contrary: because we know exactly what you are entitled to, you will receive a higher amount of money than without our services. You do not have to pay us anything, nor do our services affect the amount of your compensation.

3. What if liability is not recognised?

We have explained above that when the insurer of the other party recognises liability, the costs of our services are reimbursed by the insurer. But what if the insurer refuses to acknowledge liability? This is where a good personal injury firm plays an important role. As a law firm, we do our utmost to have liability acknowledged for our clients. If liability is not admitted, we thank our clients with a smile for their trust in us and, unlike other firms, we do not charge for our services.

These are the most well-known misconceptions we have listed above. However, there are more incorrect assumptions and presuppositions that people make that later turn out to be wrong. Have you been involved in an accident or do you know someone who has been in one? Then please contact us immediately, free of charge, so that we can be of service to you.